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Welcome to Rachel's Place and Amy's Creche, an orphanage, school, and Creche in a village called Sekhalabateng, in the District of Quachas'nec, Lesotho, South Africa.

Rachel's Place was started in March 2009 by Dave and Val who moved here all the way from Northern Ireland. The first children were accommodated by October 2010.

Amy's Creche opened in January 2011.

Then in February 2015  a group of people from Northern Ireland came and built our Church.

We are so thankful to The Lord for the gift of Dave and Val, Pastor Edward, our House-mums, Teacher and to each and every one of you who donate, fund raise, support and pray for us.

God bless

The children


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Rachel's Place

Rachel’s Place was built on a vision from God. It was shown to us that there were many children in need, and there was no one there to help them. God wanted a voice for the little people and we are blessed to be those voices.

Amy's Creche

Amy’s creche was built to help the parents in the village that are working, it started very small and we now have 50 children in it. This is a free service to the community that helps the parents enormously.

Our Church

'.... to Him be the glory forever' Romans 11 v 36

Our prayers were answered when in February 2015 a group of men from Northern Ireland came to our village and built us a church which is named The Home & Grace Church of God. We are blessed to have Pastor Edward and his wife Fummi guiding us.


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