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Our Mission

  • To nurse and care for the little people
  • To bring our children up to know our Lord
  • To provide a meal for the village children every day
  • To have our 'sponsor a family' thriving
  • To reach more families and help them to help themselves
  • To help and educate the youth about HIV and AIDS
  • To build an additional creche to meet demand

Our Story

Auntie Val and Uncle Dave first visited Lesotho in March 2007. By March 2008 they were on their 3rd outreach to Lesotho and that was when the calling came from God to help the little people.

Having sold two of their apartments to fund the building work they decided to step out in faith and let God do the rest.

Meet the Team

God has been faithful to us from the start. He has sent people from everywhere to help - people we don't even know... but of those we do, our gratitude knows no bounds.

To Lorraine and her team at The Charity Shop in Tandragee we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do for us. God Bless.

To The Wee Charity Shop in Newcastle we cannot thank you enough for your support and offer you God's blessings.

And to you... whether you have donated a penny or a pair of shoes, have built, prayed or contributed to our cause in any way, we humbly say thank you and hope that you know the difference you have made, and continue to make to the lives of the children and their families in the village of Sekhalabeteng.

Auntie Val


Giver of huge hugs, lollipops and lots of love

Uncle Dave


Brilliant with bricks... fixes homes and hearts

Pastor Edward


Shows the way and lights up the darkness with his Faith (and smile)

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