Want to know more?.. Below is a list of the questions Auntie Val and Uncle Dave get asked the most. If you have a question that isn't answered below (like how often does Auntie Val give us sweets?) then just send us an email. We would be thrilled to hear from you.

Why is it called Rachel's Place and Amy's Creche?

This is the question we are asked most often. The orphanage is named in memory of Rachel White, a young lady who wanted to be a voice for the little people. Rachel had talked often about coming to South Africa, but unfortunately she died in a car accident before her dream could be realised. So instead her mum Linda and family raised money in memory of Rachel which was donated to our Orphanage.

Amy Wilson was a beautiful, happy, loving wee girl and a member of Ahorey Girls Brigade whose family had fund raised for our Orphanage. When Amy passed away her amazing family donated money in lieu of flowers to us, in her memory. So we decided to call the creche, Amy's Creche in memory of her. Amy's Grandma, Lorraine runs The Charity Shop in Tandragee which provides much needed income for both Rachel's Place and Amy's Creche.

Who do you help?

At this moment in time we have 38 children in our care, 6 of whom have full blown AIDS and are on ARV's (they remain well.) The Government pay for medication and we supplement that with the necessary vitamins. Children are brought to us from social services, police and their own families (i.e Grandparents unable to look after them), all of whom have suffered some form of abuse, neglect or poverty, with many having no birth certificate.

Approximately 100 little people get a warm meal daily.

The elderly and disabled are also cared for - we were able to provide a wheelchair for an elderly gent who had been housebound for years.

Up to 100 villagers use our church on a regular basis for various types of community gatherings. The church is also used as a youth club  with children coming from near and far to join in with the activities.

 What are the costs of running the charity?

Pastor Edwards along with 5 live in House-mums are the only wage earners in the charity along with the teacher. Their wage bill is R15,800 ( approx. £952 per month)

It takes approximately R200,000 (almost £12,000) per year for food.

We have solar power which was recently upgraded at a cost of R75,000 (just over £4,500). This runs 2 washing machines, lights, T.V (for videos), an iron, Amy's Creche and the church.

Insurance is R11,000 (£659)

What are the medical needs of the children?

The medical needs of the children are varied. Whilst the Government pay for ARV medication (for those with full blown AIDS) we supplement that with necessary vitamins.

All children are periodically checked by UNICEF and have regular AIDS tests.

All have suffered abuse, neglect and poverty.

How can I help?

Our main source of income is from the sale of clothing items donated via The Charity Shop in Tandragee. The shop is run by Lorraine and her team of volunteers who work tirelessly to raise much needed funds for the little people. Click here for more details on donating clothing and household items.

We rely completely on the generosity and prayers of others and as a private charity we pride ourselves in having the lowest administration costs. Every penny is well spent on essential items that give our little people a chance at life and an opportunity to grow through education, to contribute to their community and to know the love of God.

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