Why the name, Rachel's Place?

The orphanage is named in memory of Rachel White, a young lady who wanted to be a voice for the little people. Rachel had talked often about coming to South Africa, but unfortunately she died in a car accident before her dream could be realised. So instead her mum Linda and family raised money in memory of Rachel which was donated to our Orphanage.

At this moment in time we have 38 children in our care, 6 of whom have full blown AIDS and are on ARV's (they remain well.) The Government pay for medication and we supplement that with the necessary vitamins. Children are brought to us from social services, police and their own families (i.e Grandparents unable to look after them), all of whom have suffered some form of abuse, neglect or poverty, with many having no birth certificate.

Approximately 100 little people get a warm meal daily.

An extra pair of much needed hands ... Emily helping out in the creche...
A lollipop always makes things better!
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